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Living In Paradise, With The Luxuries And Comfort You Enjoy Everyday Is Now Possible.


We all dream of waking up, open the window and contemplate a unique view of the sea, walk through vibrant commercial areas with your favorite brands and be delighted by local and international cuisine. At Grupo Menesse we make living and investing in Playa del Carmen a premium experience.

This is why our developments are created according to your lifestyle and have the versatility to become an excellent investment option due to the increasing high demand and added value of Playa del Carmen. Each of our properties ensures an 8% to 13% Return on Investment.

We think of you, we create for you.

Visionary , passionate and able leadership

Vision and determination are the values that have led to Menesse Group has developed and built in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, one of the most important and flourishing tourist destinations in the world.

Our main objective is to design, build and consolidate projects in key points of the Riviera Maya looking for the best combination in location, cost and quality, transforming them into the best business opportunities in the area.

Building Life-Style

Thanks to the work we have done, we are renowned in all of the Riviera Maya for using our experience to provide our clients the best commercial investment opportunities available in your destination. By doing this, we are able to provide a better quality of life to our clients and also increasingly respond to a demanding and sophisticated real estate market. Grupo Menesse more than just a residential development. It becomes a shrewd investment with rising value.



There is no doubt that Grupo Menesse is your best option when it comes to investing in the Riviera Maya. Here are three reasons why:

1. The constant flow of new developments and construction projects
2. Value of properties are growing at record pace in the region
3. Our investments have always turned a profit for our investors

Allow us to show you firsthand, the different projects Grupo Menesse is involved in. We are absolutely convinced that investing in our developments will be a profitable endeavor for you.

The best place to live!

The Riviera Maya is a beautiful and renowned zone extending along the Mexico’s Caribbean coast

Luxury Residential Properties

Condominiums built with the highest quality in the most vibrant areas of the increasingly edgy Riviera Maya

Enjoy life on the beach

All our developments are located very close to beach, supermarkets, shops, schools, restaurants and more

Profitable, exclusive and visionary projects

Living in a residential building or built in Menese Group guarantees comfort and quiet, thanks to an architecture that gives prominence to the spaces and decorative details thereof without neglecting the importance of the functionality of each, creating perfect places for all moment.

Each neighborhood has a distinct personality and unique amenities, with high quality finishes designed for every lifestyle, allowing offer a variety of options to live and enjoy the best areas and views of Playa del Carmen in the comfort of home.

The quality offered Menesse Group in the design and construction guarantee profitability and goodwill of its buildings and make their commercial offering is erected as the best in the Riviera Maya.