Menesse Condos

Unit Models

We understand the importance of a smart investment. Our selection of units not only represents excellence in design and quality, but also a guaranteed return on investment. We are committed to providing you with units that not only meet your needs for space and comfort, but are also strategically positioned to maximize your return on investment.


It is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. It has services and access to all the building's facilities. It consists of a single room with kitchen, breakfast area, living room, rest area, bathroom and terrace. It is the most profitable prototype for investors due to its high occupancy and low maintenance costs.


Discover the essence of comfort in our modern 1 bedroom apartment. From the kitchen to your private terrace, every detail is designed with your lifestyle in mind. Smart investment: high demand. Discover the art of living well - your next chapter begins here!


Immerse yourself in contemporary luxury with our magnificent 2 bedroom apartment. Every nook and cranny reflects meticulous attention to detail, from the luxurious finishes to the carefully selected fine furnishings. With private bathrooms for each bedroom, this space redefines comfort and exclusivity.


Discover our exclusive prototype: a complete studio plus private roof terrace with pool and solarium. With only a few units, it guarantees a unique experience. Profitability guaranteed, invest in the extraordinary!


Two studios connected by a door, separated by a wall and with the exclusivity of a private rooftop with pool. The versatility of renting together or separately is combined with the unique experience of a private rooftop. Intelligent design to maximize your investment in Menessecondos: versatility, exclusivity and profitability all in one!