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The remarkable white sand beaches, the serene atmosphere, and the boutique hotels have contributed to making Tulum a preferred destination for famous artists and musicians. There are also beach parties, renowned author’s cuisine restaurants, and the lovely Caribbean sense easily recognized.

Tulum packs in plenty of breathtaking moments from jungle adventures to Mayan ruins. Yet, it’s the beaches that remain the real draw here thanks to sand as soft as flour, gently rustling palm trees, and glittering cobalt blue water.


Menesse Tulum

Menesse Tulum is the perfect mix between nature and modern architecture, 142 apartments for sale and built on 26,909 sq.ft. with materials that are fully integrate with the environment, just a few steps from Ave. Cobá, the main access to the Tulum beach area.

  • 142 Units
  • 104 Studios
  • 17 Studios Penthouses
  • Inmediate Delivery
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Menesse Kukulkan

A unique place to celebrate life, abundance and the beginning of a new cycle, where the physical converges with the spiritual. Located on Ave. Kukulkan, just 900m from the beach and 5 minutes from the Hotel Zone of Tulum,

  • 102 Units.
  • 21 Swim-Up units
  • 4 two bedrooms units
  • 58 Studios
  • 17  Studios Penthouses
  • 2  two bedrooms Penthouses.
  • Coming Soon
1-2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Menesse Cobá

It is the most recent of our developments, It represents the perfect duality between space and contact with the natural elements of the area. Just a few minutes from the Hotel eta area of Tulum and surrounded by the most exquisite restaurants, shopping centers and luxury hotels, you will find the place you have always dreamed of to have a perfect stay.

  • 114 Units..
  • 96 Studios
  • 18 Penthouses
  • Coming Soon
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Menesse Casa León

Casa León is the place where all those wild spirits can get to take a break, to enjoy the tranquility and mysticism that surrounds them in Tulum. Fill yourself with the energy that this paradisiacal place offers you.

  • 150 Units.
  • 120 Studies
  • 1 Apartment one Bedroom
  • 29 Studio Penthouses
  • Coming Soon
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

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