Menesse Condos


We are a 100% Mexican integral company, specialized in the pre-sale of high-level real estate developments with a focus on vacation rentals. We have 10 years of experience in the Riviera Maya, designing, building, marketing and consolidating investment models based on real estate.

We are characterized by a solid trajectory that to date is reflected in 19 developments in Playa del Carmen, 3 in Tulum and in total more than 1,350 developed units. Each of our developments is of avant-garde design, which is constantly evolving according to the trends and demands of the current market.

Proven business model with success stories, which increases the invested capital by up to 30% due to the capital gains from the construction, due to the privileged locations within the areas with the greatest tourist influx. High income from vacation rentals, ranging from 8% to 12% net per year, thanks to the concept, luxury finishes and premium amenities in each of our buildings. In addition, we participate in a dollarized market, which means that income is in dollars while current expenses are in pesos.